What's New?

May 14, 2019
Today we bid farewell and congratulations to Jada Jenkins who will graduate from Twinsburg High School on June 2, 2019. Check out her work and contact her if you would like creative freelance graphic design services!  jddesigns.myportfolio.com

January 29, 2019

Today we welcome the new intern, Jada Jenkins, from Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. Jada is a senior at Twinsburg High School. After two years of attending the Digital Design program at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center, Jada has joined us to gain additional experience in the graphic design field. 


Our hardware and sewing vendors are offering us a 14' falcon flag kit at a fantastic price! Flag, pole, outdoor spike base and case are $149 for a single-sided flag and $159 for a double-sided flag! And the double-sided flag can be different designs on each side! Great product for getting your location, promotio or special event noticed in a BIG way.

We are a VISTA SYSTEM Preferred Dealer!

We are an ORBUS Distributor!